Greensville Trust

“Sacred education is a God given right of each person that begins prior to birth. Our mission is to deliver this inalienable right thereby facilitating our ultimate purpose, to know God.”


The aim of the course is to immerse students into the Arabic language and this is achieved by varying the mechanisms in how the course is delivered. Sessions are divided into three distinct areas;

  • 01/ Weekly Sessions

    The bi-weekly Liverpool & Bradford sessions are the bedrock of this core in which the student is given the opportunity to develop language skills. This is supplemented by bi-weekly review sessions in where the students are provided guidance instruction to further strengthen the classroom learning

  • 02/ Monthly Sessions

    Once a month students from all classes come together in a relaxed environment over food to practice their language skills with students of different levels. These Arabic Nights offer an opportunity to experience the language in a more enjoyable setting.

  • 03/ Annual Sessions

    Arabic Retreat and Arabic Itikaf are annual chances for the students to immerse themselves in an Arabic only environment. The student in such an environment where only Arabic is used experiences quantum leaps in the development of his/her language.