Greensville Trust

“Sacred education is a God given right of each person that begins prior to birth. Our mission is to deliver this inalienable right thereby facilitating our ultimate purpose, to know God.”


Last updated: 16th June 2023

How To Apply

Please submit your application via the ONLINE FORM and make the relevant payments to secure your place on the course.

Application Deadline

Applications are welcome and can be made after the course has started.

Students are encouraged to apply before the course start date - 1st September 2023.


There are no formal pre-requisites to join the course; however, it is aimed at adults. As such, applicants must be over the age of 16 if they wish to apply.

Application Process

1. Submit your application

2. Receive an invoice which includes payment details for the payment of your deposit (from Finance Team/Xero)

3. Pay deposit and secure place

4. Receive confirmation of your place on the course

5. Attend induction on the first week